international patients department



IPD (international patients department) doctor

Job description:

  • Visiting patients in the first hour of hospitalization
  • Coordinating with the admitting doctor and taking primary instructions about the patients from him/ her
  • Coordinating with the matron of the department and the nursing office in order to provide paraclinical services as well as the needed counseling for the patients as soon as possible
  • Visiting patients on a daily basis and controlling their health status
  • Cooperating with the administrator of the hospital website and the computer operator in order to create an electronic file for the patients
  • Preparing a summary of patients’ medical records and documents in English
  • Following up the possible emergency events which may occur for patients at any time

Depending on the policies of the hospital, the IPD doctor can be a resident in the hospital or can be selected from a list of doctors by the administrator of the hospital based on patients’ condition.

IPD expert:

  • Coordinating with the reception on patients’ hospitalization
  • Coordinating with the IPD doctor in order to perform the first visit and choose the treating doctor
  • Coordinating with the discharge unit of the hospital in order to estimate the treatment costs
  • Coordinating with the company that provides facilitators for the hospital
  • Coordinating with the security guards of the hospital on how to deal with patients and their companions
  • Coordinating with the group of facilitators to come to the hospital and introducing them to the patients

All of the needed coordination between IPD and other units and departments of the hospital must be carried out by the IPD expert. In case any problem arises, the IPD expert is obliged to inform the hospital administrator and follow the required processes to resolve the problem.


The directors of the clinical departments



Neurosurgery (for men and women)

Dr. Behzad Eskandaroghli (specialist of neurosurgery)

General surgery (for men and women)

Dr. Iraj Feyzi (specialist of general surgery and superspecialist of thoracic surgery)

orthopedics (for men and women)

Dr. Mohammadali Ja’fari Zare (specialist of orthopedic surgery)

ENT (for men and women)

Dr. Akbar Pirzadeh (fellow of ENT)

Operating room for general surgeries

Dr. Mas’oud Entezari (specialist of anesthesiology)

Operating room for neurosurgery

Dr. Ali Mohammadian (specialist of anesthesiology and fellow of pain management)

Surgical ICU

Dr. Ahmad Ghazi (specialist of anesthesiology)

Neurosurgical ICU

Dr. Ahmad Ghazi (specialist of anesthesiology)

Neuropsychiatry (for men and women)

Dr. Parviz Molavi (specialist of neuropsychiatry and superspecialist of pediatric neuropsychiatry)

Orthopedics 2

Dr. Mohammadali Ja’fari Zare (specialist of orthopedic surgery)

Burn injuries

Dr. Mohammad Vakili (specialist of general surgery and superspecialist of thoracic surgery)

Emergency department

Dr. Keyvan Amini (specialist of emergency medicine)

Last Update At : 06 August 2019