About the center



About the center:

Dr. Fatemi Educational and Treatment Center was established in1299 with a total area of 22,366 square meters. This center is the biggest and the most important trauma hospital in Ardabil Province. This hospital is an educational and treatment center which operates under the direction and supervision of ARUMS. The hospital has the approved capacity of 218 beds from which 199 beds are active and are being used to provide services to patients. The administrator of the center is Dr. Mohammad Vakili (general surgeon, superspecialist of thoracic surgery, and faculty member at ARUMS).


Inpatient units of the center:

Neurology surgery (for men and women), surgery (for men and women), orthopedics (for men and women), ENT (for men and women), operating room for general surgeries, operating room for neurosurgery, surgical ICU, neurology ICU, neuropsychiatry (for men and women), and orthopedics 2.

The specialty and superspecialty clinics of the center include:

Specialty clinics for surgery, orthopedics, ENT, neurology, neuropsychiatry, cardiology, anesthesiology, and a superspecialty clinic for pediatric neuropsychiatry.

The paraclinical units of the center include the following:

Medical laboratory (general and pathology), radiology, ultrasound, spiral CT scan, mammography, audiometry, echocardiography, and pharmacology.

Services offered in the center:

Thoracic surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, ENT surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, psychotherapy, superspecialty psychotherapy, pediatric psychotherapy, burn injuries treatment, medical laboratory (general and pathology), radiology, spiral CT scan, ultrasound, mammography, audiometry, echocardiography, electroconvulsive therapy, nutrition counseling, physiotherapy, special care in ICU, outpatient visit, casting and splinting, suturing, and wound dressing.

Future programs: Transferring trauma and burn center to Emam Khomeini Hospital.



Dr. Fatemi Educational and Treatment Center is the only trauma and burn center in Ardabil Province, which is responsible for the treatment and promotion of the health status of all of the visitors. In order to provide services with the best quality possible, this center performs its tasks and activities via the employment of experienced and committed doctors and staff, application of modern and up-to-date medical knowledge, skills, and methods, and the use of healthy and advanced equipment with a focus on patients’ safety and innovation in the provision of services. The main norms and criteria which are carfully considered in the provision of services in this center are the accreditation standards, the satisfaction of the patients and visitors, the principles of professional ethics, and the patients’ rights.






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