ARUMS education development center(EDC)


ARUMS education development center(EDC)

Universities play a key role in the comprehensive growth and development of people in every society and are responsible for producing educated, skilled, and well-informed individuals to meet the needs of the society. It goes without saying that the responsibilities of the universities of medicalsciences are more important and critical than those of other higher education institutes since the universities of medical sciencesare obliged to train individuals who, in particular, respect high moral values andthe patients’ rights. The first EDC in Iran was established in the school of medicine at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences as the establishment responsible for promoting the quality of education and producing professional human resources.

ARUMS EDC was established in 1381 as one of the administrative units affiliated to the university’s vice-chancellery for education. Presently, it is one of the active and effectiveEDCsall over the country. This center provides specialized supports for the development of educational activities in all departments of the university and aims to improve the quality of education through planning, evaluation, organization, and research.


In line with the strategic plan of medical education development, ARUMS EDC seeks to promote the quality of education in the university with the cooperation of faculty members and experts and through the employment of new methods of teaching and evaluation as well as modern educational technologies in the educational activities of the institute. To ensure the progress of the activities of the institute in the right direction, the center is obliged to oversee all of the processes going on in the institute by conducting qualitative and quantitative evaluations, constantly revising and reorganizing plans and programs, investigating educational activities, and empowering professors, assistants, and the educational personnel. The center also attempts to realize the potentialities of the talented and gifted students andutilize their creative and innovative ideas in the area of education in order to meet the needs of the society in health-related matters.


After 5 years, the ARUMS EDC is planned to be one of the effective centers in the reformation of education and health systems which acts in complete compliance with the ethical principles and is one of thetop three EDCs of the country regarding the realization of scientific goals and objectives of the university.

Last Update At : 28 March 2020