The unit of research in education


This unit is one of the units affiliated to ARUMS EDC. The main mission of this unit is to attempt to develop and improve the educational activities of the university both qualitatively and quantitatively. Regarding the fact that the process of education plays a very important and critical role in universities and higher education institutes, it is particularly important for them to conduct research studies in the area of medical sciences education along with performing other educational and executive duties and providing health related services. This unit of EDC is responsible for conducting various investigations to help the institute in recognizing and understanding the problems of the education system, planning and evaluating educational interventions, encouraging and extending the use of research findings in different areas of medical education, encouraging and supporting students and professors to conduct research studies (based on the results ofneeds analysis projects and the research priorities of the institute), and providingfinancial and other kinds of resources and facilities to accomplish research projects

Last Update At : 28 March 2020